//// Exhibition in the Gallery Bonart - Istanbul 2013 ////

Attention: Fields of Force by Almut Wegner

Attention: Fields of Force - Gallery Bonart - Istanbul

Exhibition in the Gallery Bonart - Istanbul

Exposition Opening:
Gallery Bonart
09.03.2013 17:00

Ahmet Fetgari Sokak No:22
Tesvikiye Istanbul
Tel: 0212 241 2620

My paintings belong in a pharmacy because they are full of essential vitamins and dangerous elements. They are a mix of toxins and good things, and this mixture is to strengthen the vitality, to fantasize and to stimulate break crippling limits. I hope my paintings reach viewers every day a new hand and are initial firings of networks, which extend beyond the canvas edge in space and time with nodes, relationships and open spaces.


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