How to come to Cappadocia

The airport of Cappadocia is in Kayseri. From the airport minibuses are going to Uchisar (1hour, 70 km). In Turkey we have very good bus connections. From every big town there are several buses going every day to Cappadocia. For example from Ankara to Nevsehir (Uchisar) every two hours (4-5 hours , 300 km), from Antalya there are direct night buses (8 hours, 700 km), from Istanbul are also direct night-buses and day-buses where you have to change the bus in Ankara (12 hours, 900km). From Nevsehir the bus company will transfer you to the village for free.
In the morning and in the evening you can fly from Istanbul to Kayseri.

We help you with the reservation and organisation.


Almut Wegner, Dipl. Reg.

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