The house is placed at the most beautiful corner of Uchisar. The valleys with the old Christian monasteries are beginning directly in front of the door. We have rooms over and under the earth, predestined for work in silence, for festivities, for music and painting and a colourful live with children. Our pension has more than 8 living-rooms, build with natural Stones and caved in the rock, rooms with arches, with fireplaces and a beautiful view. The house has 6 bathrooms with toilets, warm water from solar-energy, a kitchen, half-open sitting places with traditional fireplace (tandir), a big court with many flowers, two big halls under the earth, and three breakfast-terraces with a view all over Cappadocia.

breakfast terrace
court konak

From our kitchen: We are baking different kinds of bread and every cake you want. We can cook German food, French, Turkish, vegetarian and biological. We are making cheese and pastry and unforgettable breakfast plates.

Purple-red yogurt soup, homemade liver pate, pan cakes with tomato marmalade from in Cappadocia, Arabic style eggplant puree and basil butter, walnut cheese and oranges in olive oil, sage eggs and walnut butter, vegetables pickled in vinegar and oil in all colors and shapes, sour quinces, loquats und hot peppers with rosemary and garlic, homemade rose and lemon balm syrups, elder juice, tees with fresh herbs; peppermint, thyme, pomegranate flower, hollyhocks and ginger, rosemary chicken with lemon belly, beef with beans and fresh garlic mayonnaise, spinach and mushroom spreads, grilled sardines and blue trout, chicken with walnut paste, bean stews and stuffed vegetables, fresh salads with rocket, cress, dandelion, peppermint, pomegranate and pomegranate syrup, homemade truffles with pepper, whisky and almond brittle, sesame balls with grape syrup, ginger bread and oriental comfit, fruit stollen und fried bakeries, lemon-basil sorbet and vanilla ice cream with currants and many homemade jams and marmalades; mandarin ginger, black mulberry, fig, cheery, strawberry, quince, bell pepper- onion, tomato etc...

(photo by Herbert Bodendörfer) (photo by Herbert Bodendörfer)

For big groups and school classes and pilgrims we have some more houses in the neighbourhood.

We are speaking German, English, French, Turkish and um poco d'Italiano.

We have many connections and we help you with the organisation of tours and programs and in the case of health-problems.

We can look after your children.

We can organise courses for singing, painting, dancing, theatre, wool-work, horse-riding and more.

We can organise parties with music and theatre and many surprises in house and in the surrounding.

fresh bread court

Some photos of our rooms

roof terrace in winter
silent room
room with fireplace
high room rose room bathroom
eagle room
quiet room

  musıc room
(photo by Herbert Bodendörfer)

(photo by Herbert Bodendörfer)

autumn view


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