Uchisar, the high castle, is a rock village in the middle of Cappadocia, the famous magic land in the centre of turkey, between Kayseri and Nevsehir. It is the land of the prehistoric rock-mothers, the land of the Hitites, the Persians and the first Christians. Cappadocia with his colourful volcano-stone, with his huge tuff-sculptures in the landscape and the fairy-chimneys, with lovely valleys and many hot - and cold water springs is one of the natural-wonders of our earth. During thousands of years the inhabitants have caved a big number of churches, monasteries, labyrinths, houses, secret tunnels and underground cities, for hundreds of peoples, in the rock. Cappadocia is a land full of history and signals for the future.

Many years ago came a German family, painters and sculptors, to Uchisar, to live there. They restored some old houses at the most beautiful place in Uchisar, in face of the landscape and they founded also a painting farm. Their POSITION-UCHISAR, became a working place for composers, writers, painters and philosophs.





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